martedì 18 agosto 2015

LAGO 36e8


That's a particular work I've done last year. Blue boxes of paper, hands on blueback...some tricks in CGI...compositing, you know. Unfortunately the delivery was too early for some problem of production but however... It's been a good challenge!

Manfrotto - Tripod Dance

New work, this time as a special animator ...a dancer!
My shots are: Waltz, Tango and Breackdance.

Enjoy it!

sabato 1 marzo 2014

The Flaming Lips - Look...the sun is rising


Our submission for's 
The Flaming Lips music video competition in May 2013.
A weird "videogamespaceadventure" for your Eyes, for your Brain, 
for your Heart...and also for your...

mercoledì 31 ottobre 2012


I worked on this Commercial in the same time of "Gocciole", just posted. For both...a month of work using a little renderfarm and with the same pipeline of the other project, Softimage and Nuke.

giovedì 25 ottobre 2012

Shelves and the background have been my work

venerdì 12 ottobre 2012


Here there is my latest job!

I worked as usually with Softimage for the 3d and to compose the hand's shot I trying Nuke, usually I'm on Fusion. So...It's a good way to learn it.

The TV broadcast version is very flat...couse of the different needs of agency and client.

But I really prefer this version...mine ;)